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About Advantage Medical

About Advantage Medical

Medical and Dental Clinic in Hastings, Tooradin, Rosebud and Mount Eliza,We endeavour to provide you the most reliable and best clinical care act all our medical centres .

Ever since the first Advantage Medical and Dental clinic was opened in 2009, our GPs and practice staff have been focused on providing the highest standards of family practice healthcare for the communities we serve. With ongoing input from our doctors, the practice has grown to include four purpose built clinics in Hastings, Tooradin, Rosebud and Mount Eliza.

We engage continually in community-based health projects which involves participating in educational seminars and discussions at local aged care facilities and community groups .

With our general practitioner registrars and we participate in training the doctors of the future, in liaison with Melbourne University and the Eastern Victoria GP Training.

Two of our practices offer affordable general dentistry services, including bulk-billed treatment for children eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Each clinic employs dedicated practice nurses and our group of clinics also provides a range of specialist allied health services, including: Physiotherapy, Psychology, Dietitian and Podiatry.

What are the advantages of regular health checkups at Advantage Medical Centre?

1. Low costs of healthcare

Through routine health check up at our medical centre, you can try for an early diagnosis of the the diseases early and try and reduce the probability of potential health ailments which can turn out to be severe. This can help to reduce the risk of facing a surgery or any extra medical expenditure. It helps in disease prevention and early cure .

2. Diseases can be eliminated right before they become severe.

We carry out our preventive health screening based on any person’s age, health history and lifestyle.  Also, doctors can suggest you some preventive measures in order to prevent onset of any disease.

3. Stress related disorders can be easily identified.

We currently live in a society where stress is inevitable. This stress can lead to several diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, weight gain, mental disorders, depression, asthma, and also gastrointestinal problems. Regular check-ups at our medical centre can ensure that you get proper advice and support which you need for negating the risk of stress related diseases. We can involve the other allied health especially the  Psychologist and  Psychiatrist under a Mental health care plan to seek early intervention and provide the necessary support.

4. We keep you updated about our health.

Advantage Medical Centre is committed to provide the best medical care and provide you with necessary information and update . which keeps you updated about your health. Also, if your doctor suspects anything, he/she will immediately prescribe essential check-ups and screenings for the patient.

We welcome new patients at all of our clinics.

Our Vision for the Mornington Peninsula Communities

Advantage Medical and Dental has the health of our communities at heart. We provide bulk-billed healthcare with a personalised approach.

Our trusted GPs, allied health professionals and friendly clinic staff work together to seek the best possible outcome for each individual patient.

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