Health assessment

Prevention is the key to Australia’s health, both individually and collectively. It is estimated that 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer could be prevented through interventions such as healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco products.

General practice is at the forefront of healthcare in Australia and is well placed to deliver essential preventive healthcare activities. By providing general practices with an opportunity to evaluate a patient’s health and wellbeing, health assessments are crucial to supporting the delivery of quality healthcare.

Health assessments play an important role in population health, both in screening for risk and providing an opportunity for early intervention. These are essential services that are provided by our team at Advantage Medical at any of our four practices on the Peninsula. Like most services at Advantage Medical, a health assessment is free to our patients and should be something that you consider as an ongoing personal health check. Take advantage of our online booking system and book in for a health assessment today.

For more information on a health assessment please contact us at one of our practices today.