Personalised, Expert Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Care

Skin cancer is among the most prevalent cancers in Australia, and certain types of skin cancer can even be fatal. Finding out that you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with this condition can be really alarming. At Advantage Medical and Dental, our team of proficient and experienced GPs across Victoria suburbs of Hastings, Mt Eliza, Rosebud and Tooradin understand the importance of holistic skin cancer care.

Thanks to the help of latest technology and extensive clinical knowledge of our skin care specialists, patients can avail specialised skincare treatment plans that are available.

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Skin Cancer Diagnosis

At Advantage Medical and Dental, there is a three-stage pre-diagnosis approach followed by our General Practitioners when it comes to skin cancer:

  • A complete skin examination is conducted to decide whether your skin changes should be claimed as skin cancer. This entails a detailed analysis with the help of more tests to determine the diagnosis.
  • A skin biopsy with removal of the suspicious-looking skin could be taken for lab testing. It not only determines the presence of skin cancer but also informs us about the type of cancer if it’s present.
  • Once the diagnosis is confirmed, our doctors shall help you understand the skin cancer care plans with the available treatment structure.

Skin Cancer Treatment

  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

    If you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer which is majorly found in individuals, a personalised treatment plan can be designed by our experts that includes:

  • Cryotherapy

    This treatment is done by applying liquid nitrogen to the infected skin with a spray device. This leads to the freezing of the tissue without needing to get it cut. One can experience blistering for a small duration of time and this can also lead to permanent discoloration which can make your skin look white.

  • Standard Excision

    Standard Excision refers to the removal of skin cancer along with some of the healthy skin tissue around it (margin). This technique is used with the help of a local anaesthesia. On removing the cancerous area, the incision is closed with stitches.

  • Melanoma Skin Cancer

    On getting diagnosed with melanoma cancer, the depth and the progress of melanoma is understood by our practitioners by thoroughly studying it. Skin cancer care for this particular type can be recommended by our team which involves a referral to specialists.

  • Scraping and Burning

    This technique is used on small wounds on the body but not on the face. With the help of local anaesthesia, the skin is slowly scraped off and the tumour site is burned with a tiny needle.

Professionalism and the quality of skin cancer care have always been the foundation behind the treatments offered to our patients.

For patients looking for skin cancer treatments, we recommend skin cancer care which is available at our clinics in the suburbs of Hastings, Mt Eliza, Rosebud and Tooradin.