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Pre-Employment Health Check up

At Advantage Medical and Dental, we believe in the importance of health assessments and the role they play in avoiding medical problems for individual patients, employers, and insurers. The offering of free or subsidised health examination to staff as a part of a well-being package is common among organisations.

This can help organisations establish assurance among staff about their health and happiness. Moreover, a reduced rate of absenteeism due to health problems is an additional benefit that can be yielded by organisations.

Pre-employment medical check-ups for candidates can also be recommended for those nearing their date of joining.

What does a pre-employment health check-up include?

In a pre-employment health check-up, candidates receive a questionnaire that needs to be read in detail. They may also have to consult with nurses and doctors in case of doubt or ambiguity. Upon completion, further identification and necessary testing is carried out. Certified reports including clinic and doctor credentials are then given to the employee or the management.

Report filing and safekeeping is also taken care of in the process as well as adherence to privacy and security. The delivery of the check-up is then followed with prior notification of the date given to the candidate as per their schedule.

What is the need of pre-employment health check-up?

  • Pre-employment medical check-ups can help employers stay informed regarding the health and wellness of their employees in an organisation.
  • Employerscan hire professionals who have high capability, competence, and good health. This can help the organisation to survive during tough periods and complete work within deadlines.
  • The health and well-beingof employees is not compromised which can help them maintain a good quality of life.
  • A pre-employment medical checkupnot only helps employers  hire healthy people but also helps them stay fit and productive in terms of their work. This could lead to less sick days, less work cover claims, and reduced absenteeism. This indeed enhances productivity and safeguards the organisation.
  • Apart from physical health, mental health also plays a huge part in the well-being of individuals as well as organisations. Poor overall mental health might lead to poor productivity and also hinder the organisational
  • Psychologicalexamination, functional capacity tests, and executive health examinations are the methods that can be implemented to ensure best practice standards and uplift the organisation.

For more information, we recommend you connect and consult an expert who can assist you on certain aspects of health check-ups.

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