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In case you need a doctor’s appointment during weekends, there are a certain number of medical clinics that are open when the rest of the clinics close. These clinics can save you time waiting at your local hospital’s emergency wing or at your regular doctor’s clinic when it re-opens the next day.

Though there are doctors that offer treatment through home visits, the treatment options they provide are largely limited. At weekend medical clinics you can get treated for different conditions and minor illnesses at your disposal to aid in a quicker recovery.

We are bulk billing medical centre and there is no out of pocket expenses, Contact your preferred weekend medical clinic located in Hastings, Mt Eliza, Rosebud or Tooradin in person.

 Why are Weekend Medical Clinics Important?

Given today’s hectic schedule, the need for weekend clinics has become a necessity. In emergency situations or when you face an injury, doctors at these clinics can provide the needed help.

Here are a few reasons to consider weekend medical clinics for your next treatment:

  • Fast Access to Medical Care

When there is a need for quick medical assistance during an emergency or accidental injury, weekend medical clinics offer swift treatment, especially during off days when most clinics are closed. The doctors are proactive and offer immediate treatment.

  • Better Flexibility

At regular medical centres, patients have to wait for longer durations to make appointments. Weekend medical clinics offer a lot of flexibility to patients, making it easier to schedule appointments for a check-up.

  • Convenience

Since weekend medical centres are there to offer treatment for common illnesses they need to be located near residential places. This adds to the convenience of people who can visit the clinics at their suitability when there is a need.

  • Quality Treatment Options

At weekend medical clinics there is a team of professionally trained doctors that cater to the different needs of patients. From medical emergencies to daily health checks, patients can avail quality treatment or diagnosis for their respective medical condition. Having quality health assessments and consultations during out-of-hours ensures patients a faster and better recovery.

Advantage Medical and Dental can help in providing the necessary help to there patients if required weekend medical clinic in Hastings, Mt Eliza, Rosebud, and Tooradin for any out of hour emergencies.

We also served our services near Mornington.