Weight Loss Clinic

Weight loss is important since it can help patients lower the risk of developing serious health issues. If you need to lose weight and get in good shape, weight loss clinics located in Hastings, Mt Eliza, and Tooradin can help you reach your desired fitness goals.

Whether it is a tailor-made diet or meal plan or body therapies, patients can find a natural way to lose weight with a doctor’s consultation.

We have  Dietician working with the doctors to patients needing diet advise.

Why Seek Weight Loss Treatment?

Today’s changing lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits has led to a negative impact on people’s health, one of which is weight gain. However, with weight loss treatments plenty of diseases and metabolic disorders can be brought into control.

Losing weight can help patients enhance their cardiovascular health. It can also help them prevent diabetes, lower energy levels, and increased cholesterol. For those patients who need to improve their physical or mental well being as well as athletic physique, weight loss treatments also remain a great choice.

Weight loss treatments are usually geared toward enhancing the patient’s fitness routine, diet intake, and eliminating bad lifestyle habits. For those that need professional guidance on weight loss management, patients are recommended to consult with trained physicians.  They can detect problems and offer the ideal weight loss program to suit the patient’s individual needs.

How Do Weight Loss Clinics Help With Treatment?

The doctors usually performs tests in order to establish any metabolic issues as the cause of weight problem. Doctor will exclude any major issues with diabetes, thyroid disorder and other relevant conditions.

The tests can thus help doctors to create a custom fitness plan specially tailored for the patient’s treatment. Based on the results, the patient will be provided the necessary exercise and dietary recommendations, and medication if appropriate and safe.

Weight loss clinics located in Hastings, Mt Eliza, and Tooradin offer consultations to patients.

Advantage Medical and Dental recommends patients to seek the one that suits their convenience and treatment needs.

We recommend seeking help from your general practitioner to help you with weight loss and help in minimising risk with various medical ailments.