What Should You Do About Your Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth

The pain you feel when you bite into something too warm or too cold can seem excruciating. However, there are more disadvantages to having sensitive teeth that can cause a huge interruption or disturbance in your day to day. It is better to get to the root of it, find ways to solve it, and fast. There could be a myriad of reasons as to why your teeth are suffering from sensitivity, and knowing its causes can help you aid the problem. Here are some methods you can do, depending on why you are currently having teeth sensitivity issues.

1. Prevent Teeth Sensitivity by Brushing Routinely

Your teeth are an important part of your body and of course the consequences are evident if you begin neglecting it. And if you are already suffering from the feeling of teeth sensitivity, make sure you are doing your best to stop it from getting worse. Strictly stick to what is good for your teeth by brushing it routinely. Your teeth will be saved from the damages plaque can bring and from other germs that can ruin your pearly whites.

2. Brush Correctly to Strengthen your Enamel

Always keep in mind the protective layer of your teeth. You may be suffering from sensitive teeth due to the fact that they have worn out and are weak. With its nerve endings exposed to the things that you eat, you are bound to experience a reaction from having teeth sensitivity. In order to care for your enamel, make sure to brush your teeth correctly, such opting to do a 45 degree angle instead of a side to side method, and in a way that is not too hard so that you won’t cause damage to your enamel.

3. Save your teeth with Fluoride

Fluoride is a type of mineral compound that has been around for a long time with regard to making oral hygiene products. Using toothpastes as well as other products containing fluoride is an effective measure to relieve your tooth pains and sensitivity since it will serve as an effective and protective layer for your teeth, and will strengthen your enamel in the process.

4. Go to your dentist

Visiting your dentist is one of the best ways to easily save your teeth from sensitivity as they have the knowledge and expertise to save your teeth from getting worse. Depending on the cause, dentists, through a series of consultations, can help cure you from your tooth pain. Options such as adding a mouth guard can help guard your teeth when grinding has been the cause of the teeth sensitivity. Other methods such as application of desensitising pastes, fluoride varnish, sealants and even having you undergo root canal treatment can help you overcome teeth sensitivity.

For a thorough examination to help solve the issues of your teeth, we suggest you visit your dentist for a consultation.